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Welcome to my page.

I am delighted you are considering Butterfly Whisper Events to help plan your special day. I can't wait to chat with you! 

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Meet Maritza

Ms. Burgos is the colorful brainchild behind our company. With  over 15 years of experience in the corporate environment working in marketing and event coordination roles, it was her dream to take that knowledge and launch what is now Butterfly Whisper Events!


She has a keen eye and passion for event planning and coordination. Applying year's of working in fields that required intense attention to detail, creative thinking, and a passion to design creative and impactful material and initiatives is what has served as a unique advantage to the many events she has successfully designed and coordinated.

What do you value the most?

Family! I'm a deeply family-oriented person that truly cherishes all those around me, especially my kids. My kids fuel me to want to be a better person and to leave a footprint of love. 

What's important for clients to know?

That I genuinely care about bringing to life your visions. I work hard to ensure I go above your expectations. 

Why choose Butterfly Whisper Events?

I am dedicated to providing a personalized experience for each couple I have the honor of working with. I want them to always feel at ease, well loved on, supported, and most importantly heard.

What would people that know you say about you?

That I am a go-getter, passionate and caring person. My family calls me the "party planner". I really enjoy using any occasion to celebrate and go all out. I love to host so that I can whip out my plating dishes, decor, etc. I like to leave lasting impressions and to make people feel good, no matter what. :-)

Maritza Burgos 

President & Creative Director

Can't wait to learn more about you!

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